Toolbox sales key on quality

When it comes to toolboxes and tool carts, techs seem to be saying the same thing: They want quality, usable space and durability.

“The box needs to be at least 24” or deeper, and 54” or wider. It needs to roll well and have a very good locking system. It should have a lot of square inches — and still have most drawers over 2’ deep. The wider the drawers the better, and they must stay closed without locking. … It needs a locker for diagnostic equipment and computer.”

Most importantly, he seeks a rigid frame that will not flex.

Tech Todd Osborne seems to sum it up for most techs:

“Quality should be the first priority. Ball-bearing drawer slides are a must, and a variance of drawer heights makes it easy to maximize space and keep things organized.

“Each compartment should have a finger lock or detent so unopened drawers stay that way. It should have a nice locking system that doesn’t need to be twisted or rattled to work.

“Quality casters with locks are nice, especially if you’re working in a large shop with other people and need to be mobile.”

So when you’re in the shop and talking toolboxes, most techs say they want to hear about quality foremost. Follow that up with a discussion on maxxed usable space and easy maintenance and you should be better than halfway to your next toolbox sale.

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