Fight adware, spyware, viruses and more before it’s too late

Firewalls and other programs will help secure your customers’ information

Finally, an anti-spyware program will round out everything, and make your computer safe. These programs will scan and find any spyware on your computer. Sometimes, different sites that you may visit online, will place adware on your computer. Some of this is pretty harmless, and is simply used to transmit the history of websites that you visit so that it can deliver personalized ads to you. At times, it can be much more harmful. Keyloggers, programs that record every key that you push on a computer, are part of the spyware family. Imagine the feeling that someone could have been watching every key you push, recording passwords, social security numbers and credit card numbers, without you knowing? Given the threat, make sure that you are protected! Adaware (, Spybot ( and PC Tools all have good programs that will do the job.

You can not be too careful. Make sure that you practice safe computing. Watch what sites you visit and make certain that any files you download are safe. Most files from reputable sites are safe. Just in case, make sure that you are armed with a good security software package. The ones that I have mentioned I have used and will work great for you.

With the increase in cybercrime and identity theft, we all have an obligation to those that we collect data from, to keep both them and ourselves safe.

Craig Woodman is a Cornwell Tools mobile dealer based in Brewer, Maine. Contact Craig at

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