Add a new receivables program

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could get more from your route management software?

I do have a way around this. If you are a franchise dealer, you can use the software that your franchise offers to manage inventory. Then you can use the franchise software’s easy way to order and track invoices, somewhat automatically. Doing this, you can then use the R/A software to manage and track your accounts receivable.

If you are not a franchise dealer, or just want independence from their software, you can also use Quickbooks, which has some powerful inventory management features built in. Quickbooks is lacking in receivables tracking, as it is made for accounts that pay in full in 30 days, and does not deal with regular payment revolving accounts well (and forget about applying interest with Quickbooks). Perhaps R/A Profit$ used with Quickbooks could be a good solution. Just remember, you will have to enter a sale of inventory in one program, and the cash payment in another.

R/A Profit$ will cost you to use it. According to their website, the software is $495, with a $34 per month fee that includes technical support. If you need a more powerful solution for you receivables management, it might be right for you.

For more details on R/A Profit$, check out:

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