Time is your most valuable asset

Everyone is busy managing their business. Sometimes your business can manage you, which is never good for your time.

2 Expand that customer base by mandating that he and all of his salespeople made several new cold calls weekly

3 Serve his customers with regular, live face-to-face visits.

Telemarketing, e-mails and mailers all have their place in our busy world, but do people build a loyal and long-term customer base with e-mails? No, all are a supplement and will never replace a personal visit from you on whatever your business considers a regular visit. Only by being in a customer’s shop can you notice the little things that can build and strengthen a relationship (a picture of a new baby, or grandchild; a new lift). All give you the opportunity to interact with your customer, something that a mailer or e-mail will never do.

Bruce would step back and re-evaluate his business a few times a year. He would review profitability of each line he carried. If a line wasn’t contributing to his overall company profits, then dropping that line was the next step. I recall two sides of the same conversation Bruce had with one of his factories. Bruce looked at his time investment and decided that he was going to give up a certain brand of products. The factory person told Bruce he was crazy and couldn’t give up a line with hundreds of thousands in sales. Both were right, as each side saw the situation through their own experiences.


1 How many others in your area sell it?

2 Does the factory compensate you if a national account in your area buys one?

3 What’s the opportunity for profits if you invest your time?

4 In asking these questions, dive deep for product knowledge. Visit the factory, take the distributor training classes to learn everything you can about the product, the company and to meet the people you’ll be working with.

Invest your time wisely or it can vanish, and you’ll find that your business runs you vs. you running your business.

Steve Perlstein is the sales manager for Mohawk Lifts.

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