Rich Evans' Designs' GoBoxes

Rich Evans created unique designs for GoBoxes’ 27” metal, all-purpose, oval-shaped portable boxes, displaying his Huntington Beach Bodyworks’ shield with flame and skull designs. The line includes three custom designs.

Features and Benefits

Used as a portable toolbox, users can show off brand loyalty with a unique design at garages, shows and with friends. The boxes include a black powdercoated finish with high-gloss decals, heavy-duty latches and hinges and a comfort-grip handle.


John Whitaker’s initial product offering was a unique bowtie-shaped, full-size ( 57’’ wide by 21’’ high, with 18’’ deep drawers) toolbox that could be used as a top chest tool box.

He then modified it to a version with 10’’ deep drawers, designed to be mounted on the wall. Shortly after, he added the portable, all-purpose boxes for car show attendees. Noticing many plastic totes of detailing products at these shows, GoBoxes’ portable boxes were a perfect addition for car enthusiasts to show their brand loyalty and carry their detail supplies.

GoBoxes and Rich Evans met at the SEMA Show in 2007. Evans designed a few boxes to give the edgier car enthusiast a uniquely styled detail box.

• 27’’ metal, all-purpose box.
• Product dimensions 27’’ x 7.5’’x11’’.
• Weighs about 11 lbs.
• Rich’s Designs are printed on a high-gloss decal used on outdoor equipment. The decal is very durable and will not fade if left in the sunlight.

Selling Points
• Gift idea for the car enthusiast.
• Fits detail supplies when traveling to car shows.
• Can also be used as a portable toolbox.

Suggested retail price

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John Whitaker