Big Time Boxes: Robert Jordan


Robert Jordan
Bob Jordan's Alignment
Scottsdale, Ariz.


Robert Jordan, an assistant manager and fabrication tech at Bob Jordan's Alignment in Scottsdale, Ariz., bought this toolbox in September 2007. The entire setup consists of two Mac model MB1901 center sections, which are three-bay toolboxes; three MB1970 side cabinets and two additional hutches. All in all, it stands 22' x 6' x 29".

"Rob was looking for something with a clean, single look … a fresh look," said Mac distributor Bryan Destefano.

"The box is in pieces, but it looks like a unit," said Destefano. "The black gives it a crisp feel … and the flush front drawers add to the clean appearance."


Robert Jordan's father, Bob Jordan, started the Scottsdale shop in 1962, and Robert joined the family business in 1980.

According to Robert, the alignment and fabrication shop performs alignments "basically on everything from Honda Civics to over-the-road Kenworths."

Add to that front and rear specialty work on nearly every kind of vehicle in between.

"I needed [this box] to house different measuring tools and fabrication stuff," said Jordan, "But also suspension-related and specialty tools."

And specialty is a key word here.

"We do a lot of Hummers, so we need Hummer tools, and I work on hot rods so I have some special tools for that. I also … work on quads, dirtbikes and street bikes," said Jordan, who also straightens go-cart frames and axles, and turns tiny wrenches on RC cars in his spare time.

"We do a little of everything."