Product Spotlight - Air Conditioning


Hopefully, you're aware of the new standards (SAE J2788) for A/C service now in effect for recovery, recycle and recharge equipment.

Just in case, here is a brief recap:
The tighter standards, developed by The Society of Automotive Engineers, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, key in on four new requirements for shops. Machines meeting J2788 must now achieve 95-percent recovery efficiency, have a charge accuracy within a 1/2oz., require mandatory filter changes, and maintain a minimal cross-contamination of system oil in machines equipped with an oil-injection feature.

Under the former J2210 standard, recovery efficiency and charge accuracy were not requirements. Also, while older systems were more tolerant of over- or under-charging, today's vehicles need a high charge accuracy.

A comprehensive web-based tutorial, co-hosted by MACS and PTEN, was held recently. In case you missed it, the webinar is hosted for free viewing anytime at PTEN's website at