Tool Review: Mityvac MV5545 Fuel System Tester

Lincoln Industrial's Mityvac MV5545 fuel system tester is designed to identify common fuel system failures such as a failing fuel pump, faulty pressure regulator, blocked filter, pinched fuel line and contaminated fuel and fuel tank vortex.


• Tests both return and returnless fuel systems, including electronic control.
• Provides clear visualization of fuel to detect impurities and air bubbles.
• Tester kit includes a 3.5" high-pressure gauge with rubber boot, push-button relief valve and hanging hook, and a 4' pressure test hose.
• Compatible with most cars manufactured in the United States, Europe and Asia.
• Includes a pressure-relief valve and custom-molded case.


Bruce Lunsford, a technician and instructor in Mooresville, N.C., used the Mityvac MV5545 to test a Honda experiencing low power.

"If the basics are broke, nothing else is going to work," Bruce said. "And your basics are having power, of course, and having fuel before you get into any diagnosis on any system. You should check the pressures and fuel first before you use electronic scan tools.

"Basically, [the car] had the proper pressure readings, but … the amount of fuel flowing through the system showed me that I had a restriction in the tank. The in-tank filter was partially blocked, and I was getting pressure … but when you had a need for acceleration, the pressure on the road would go away and it didn't have the volume to keep up."

Bruce said the tester saved time in the shop.

"This is a comprehensive tool. It comes with an adapter for diagnosing fuel injection pressures, as well as testing setup to do fuel pressure volume.

"It was also easy to operate. [The tester] has all the adapters needed to hook into most cars, and it has a good instruction sheet on locating them in the kit.

"Fuel pressure volume is one of the most overlooked problems you can have. You can have pressure, and not really have any volume — and that's going to cause drivability problems.

"This is a very good tool. It's compatible with all of your high-end fuel pressure testers, and it has the extra value that you need."

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