What's going on, right now?

I cannot help but continue to think about the auto shows and the impressive displays of what technology carmakers have in store for us. I love seeing the annual parade of concept cars and new technology that will—well, might—go into production. Sometime in the future...

But what about today? What tools do you need to fix the cars on the road today that are chock-full with "old" technology? In the early 1990s, how concerned were you with fixing electric-gas hybrid vehicles? Or were you more concerned with finding ways to work faster on OBD I vehicles?

Hybrids are here now, and have been around long enough to be out of warranty and start going into non-dealer repair shops for maintenance. Now is when you need information about new tools for hybrid vehicles, not in the early 1990s, light years ahead of the technology really hitting your shop.

What about the more recent Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems? TPMS is here now. TPMS is something you need new diagnostic equipment and tools for now. And PTEN is covering the tools needed for it now. (In fact, see Diagnostic Pulse, and the Tools of the Month, for more on TPMS tips and equipment).

While it would be nice to spend time wondering about the technology you'll not need for five or 10 years, when you open PTEN you'll always find solutions you need today. And we're happy to continue providing the most up-to-date information on tools available to you right now, for working more efficiently on the cars that you have on the lift right now. So you can make more money. Right now.