Tool Review: Equus Innova CAN OBD 2 and 1 Kit

The INNOVA 3140 scan tool CAN OBD 2&1 kit works with all 1996 and newer OBD II compliant cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans—foreign and domestic, and some popular OBD I vehicles.

Additional features of the scan tool include:
• Trilingual interface with code definitions in English, Spanish and French.
• All-in-one display shows 25 pieces of information at one time.
• Color-coded emission readiness advisor LEDs.
• Continuous link for performing drive cycles to verify repairs.
• OBD II SAE enhanced live and freeze-frame data lets users record and play back live data streams and perform bi-directional testing.
• Complete coverage from mode 1 to mode 9.
• Memory-battery backup for off-car review and analysis.
• Durable nylon storage pouch, PC link cable and CD with OBD-PC link software.


Joel Anderson, shop foreman at Bonfe's Auto Service & Body Repair in St. Paul, Minn., tested the INNOVA 3140 scan tool in his shop.

"I enjoyed how easy it was to use," Joel said. "You just plug it into the DLC and away you go.

"Compared to our other PC-based scan tools with CAN capabilities, the setup time and information retrieval [in the 3140] is much faster. It also let me retrieve codes quickly. The baud rate (response time of data) was very fast; and the data was sufficient for diagnosing some problems.

"The packaging included accessories for all OBD I and II, as well as shop software, and an easy-to-understand manual."
Joel said that although he would like to see more data on the tool, he found the 3140 was "very useful for preliminary diagnoses like quick code retrieval and clearing."

"I really liked it," Joel said.