Keeping Up in This Economy

I suddenly realized, as I was putting this May issue of PTEN together for you, that we’re near the midpoint of the year—a year in the mainstream newspapers have daily updates on how poor the economy is.

But I’ve talked with several shop owners and technicians over the past month who say that the slow economy has not truly affected their shops. All said they made their first quarter numbers, and are looking forward to increased business based on tax returns and “economic stimulus” checks.

Hopefully, your shop is keeping up as well. Aside from more customers, efficiency is a key aspect in making money in your shop. Towards that end, are you keeping up to date on new tools available to help your production?

Are you researching new tools in PTEN and online in the PTEN Buyers Guide ( so that you hop on the tool truck knowing what you need and what to look for?

For example, the Product Spotlight section in this issue is full of specialty tools that are designed to make specific tasks you do quicker and easier. Whether it’s working on the fuel rail of a Cummins engine or making quick work of a Honda Accord rotor, specialty tools should have a special place in your toolbox for those repairs where they can save you time and make you money.

How’s your shop doing? Send me an email at, or comment on my blog at Have a great summer.