Big-Time Boxes: "Iron" Mike Lesniak

"Iron" Mike Lesniak
Tim's Auto Body
Prescott, Ariz.


“Iron” Mike Lesniak, a body repairman at Tim’s Auto Body in Prescott, Ariz., purchased his Macsimizer 3 Superstation from Mac Tools nearly 10 years ago. With a bottom, top box and side locker, this turquoise tool holder stands almost 6’ tall and 10’ wide.

Overall, there are 21 drawers on the bottom box, and 10 drawers on the top box. The side box allows Lesniak to store larger tools and boxed equipment in one of the seven available drawers.
And every drawer is chock full of tools.

“I can put all of my tools in there. I have plenty of room for tools,” Lesniak said.

“I have a stereo and XM radio. If you have to be at work all the time, it’s like living here, because it’s almost like home.”

Lesniak also rigged up the sound system to speed up his productivity. “I’ve got wireless speakers and headphones, so I can keep the noise out and work to my heart’s content.”

To further customize his box, Lesniak had a decal of a superhero with his nickname airbrushed to the side.

“It’s a Superman airbrushed on the side door of the side cabinet that says ‘Iron Mike’ on it,” said Lesniak. “We changed the face on there (to mine), and I look like Superman flying through the air.”


Attached to a Toyota/Buick/Pontiac/GMC/Hyundai/Isuzu/Scion dealership, Lesniak said Tim’s Body Shop is one of the biggest body shops around.

Lesniak began his career in Buffalo, N.Y., or “the rot belt” as he calls it. After a brief stint in Denver, he ended up in Arizona. Through it all, he’s always learned his trade on the job.

“I kind of picked up the business from friends who were working on auto body, and they taught me the ropes, the ins and outs. I never went to school for it,” said Lesniak.

“Iron Mike” has been a tech for 38 years and received the nickname from a small tools supplier because of all the iron Lesniak kept in his toolbox; the nickname also rings true to his health.

“I had a stroke about a year ago. I’m at half capacity, but I’m getting back to it,” said Lesniak. “(Working) is like therapy.”