Tool Reviews: Matco Tools Air Ratchet and Grey Pnuematic Low-Profile Adapters


The Matco 3/8" Heavy Duty Air Ratchet, No. MT 2858, delivers 130 ft./lbs. of "ultimate torque." This power tool includes a patented captured head and patented greaseable yoke with 360-degree rotating side exhaust. The rapid-response, variable-speed trigger allows for one-finger operation and unmatched control. Featuring one of the largest motors ever used in a ratchet, the tool is still contained in relatively small housing. This combination allows for more power in a smaller package, with the best power-weight ratio in its class.

• One of the most powerful 3/8" ratchets on the market today delivering 130 ft/lbs. of ultimate torque.
• Quiet at only 84dBA.


Mike Steptoe, owner of Reliable Auto in Fort Atkinson, Wis., tested the Matco 3/8" Heavy Duty Air Ratchet, No. MT 2858. He and his techs were happy with the ratchet.

“It’s a decent piece of equipment,” Steptoe said. “I like the trigger feel and adjustable exhaust, and the composite body is nice — it feels lighter.

“What stands out most is its size; it has a good-size head. It’s very durable, with good balance and control.

“It does the job,” Mike said.


Grey Pneumatic’s sleeve-type low-profile adapters reduce larger drive sizes for use on smaller drive tools. They are available in seven different sizes, from 2-1/2” to 1/4” drives. A magnetic retention device keeps the adapter attached to the socket, and adapters can be stacked for additional drive reduction. The adapters are designed for impact or hand tool use, and are available in a three-piece drive set, No. 103RA, or individually. They carry a lifetime warranty.


Mike Steptoe and his crew also reviewed the Grey Pneumatic sleeve-type low-profile adapters. They were very positive about them.

“I like these adapters; even used with an impact gun, I didn’t notice any wallow,” Steptoe said. “I definitely recommend them.

“The magnets are a great feature — strong enough to hold things in place, but still easy to separate.”

Steptoe said that even after repeated use, the adapters are durable enough that “it’s hard to tell we’ve used them.”