Return on Investment




The technology and features designed for the Ranger CRT380R Alignment System provide many timesaving features for your shop. Ease-of-use, accurate and consistent results, and informative feedback assist technicians in diagnosing problems that will all add up to customer satisfaction and improved shop efficiency.

The alignment functions and measurements on the CRT380R are controlled via the wheel sensors, mouse and/or keyboard. The unit has on-sensor controls allowing users to operate selective computer software functions from any wheel location, eliminating the need for return trips to the console. Because the CRT380R features cordless, 8-CCD technology, Bluetooth data transfer sensors, there is no hassle of removing or connecting cables.


Vibrant animation and graphics of all alignment steps are clearly shown from start-to-finish providing a faster, more profitable and easier-to-understand alignment procedure. Simplistic read results enable you to identify potential problem areas specifically related to suspension components.

Valuable customer information can be conveniently stored in the database allowing shop personnel to quickly reference previous alignment work orders and provide "before” and “after” measurements that can be printed in full-color to explain service and record work performed to customers.


Ranger’s ProSpec software, included with the system, provides the essential tools to perform fast, accurate alignments with factory results each time. This gives your wheel alignment service the best possible efficiency. You have the option of selecting the most effective measuring routines before starting wheel alignment procedures. Standard option for a program-guided routine with initial and final measurements - rapid procedure for measurements without caster steering angle and/or runout compensation ­— or free measurement for checking individual values as required.

With minimal investment and reduced training, the Ranger CRT38OR Alignment System expands your service potential and sends more profit to your bottom line.

MSRP: $11,990

Cost for service: $95
Parts/supplies per month: $0
Labor/service: $14 For machines with auto operation.
Profit per service: $81 Subtract parts and labor from price per service.
Frequency: 50 services/mo.
Total profit/month: $4,050 Profit per service x frequency.
Cost of unit: $11,990
ROI timeframe: $2.96 Cost of unit divided by profit/month.
1st year profits: $36,610 Profit/month x 12, minus unit cost.
Annual profits: $48,600 Profit/month x 12.


Power Probe 3

The Power Probe 3, No. PP319FTC, is an all-in-one test light. When the technician grabs his PP319FTC he has a continuity tester, jumper leads, continuity tester, flash light and now even a voltmeter. Having all these features in one test light saves the technician trips back and forth to his tool box. The all-in-one tester makes electrical diagnosing a snap. With the field replaceable rocker switch, the unit will remain in the technician’s hands, saving him hours of time and keeping him productive.


The PP319FTC has a built-in 4mm banana jack adapter so users can pop off the tip and connect instantly to the Power Probe Gold Series Lead set, or any existing 4mm test leads. The connectors are all heavy-duty, rubber-shrouded keyed connections. The connectors are very durable and virtually impossible to accidentally disconnect.

Anyone who can operate a standard test light can use the PP319FTC. The PP319FTC comes complete with an operators manual and training DVD.

MSRP: $169.95


Equus Inovations

The Innova 3100 CAN OBDII diagnostic tool from Equus comes with a unique, patented all-in-one display and three different color LEDs to show emissions test readiness. The scan tool retrieves OBDII DTCs, generic codes (PO, P2, P3 and UO) and manufacturer specific codes (P1, P3 and U1).


The tool automatically updates data every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle, with a memory feature that stores codes for off-vehicle review. The 3100 comes with freeze-frame data and on-screen definitions in three languages. The tool comes with access to RepairSolutions which gives trouble code definitions, a full diagnostic report, probable causes, most likely fix to DTCs, repair costs and more.

MSRP: $192.09


Bartech USA

Bartec USA conducted a survey of OE dealerships nationwide to find out what shops charge for TPMS service. We used the following scenarios to determine what a dealer would charge an Independent Service Facility (ISF) to repair, replace or re-learn a vehicle that had been worked on by the ISF.

• Scenario 1 – Sensor broken by service facility, replaced by service facility, sensor ID re-learned at the OE Dealer.
• Scenario 2 – New set of wheels and sensors installed by service facility, sensor ID re-learned at the OE Dealer.
• Scenario 3 – Tire rotation by service facility, new positions re-learned by OE dealer.


While it is difficult to place an exact dollar value on customer satisfaction, we can compute the costs of paying an OE dealer to finish (or repair) the TPMS service started by the ISF. Based on daily direct communication with the ISF, Bartec USA estimates that a moderately busy ISF currently experiences 30-50 TPMS vehicles per month. If three of these service jobs had to be sent to a dealer for re-learn or repair (paid by the ISF), their potential cost would be $135-645.24 per month.

For example, an Independent Tire Dealer fits a 2008 Toyota Camry with four new wheels, tires and TPMS sensors. The tire dealer would have to spend an average of $215.08 to have those new wheels programmed into the control module, not to mention driving the car to the OE dealer to complete the work. This is lost margin. However, if the tire dealer uses the Tech400, the work is done quickly and accurately at their shop and the customer leaves satisfied with a job well done!

MSRP for Tech400: $2,699.95
Annual Update: $0 for the first year, $349/year afterward

TPMS Vehicles Serviced Per Month
(as per the example)
Potential Monthly Profit Saved Potential Monthly ROI
1 $215.08 7%
4 (1 per week) $860.32 32%
20 (1 per day) $4,301.60 159%
32 (8 per week) $6,882.56 258%



The average automotive battery lifespan is five years. Since a weak battery isn’t as obvious as a balding tire, they’re normally replaced only after failing, often an unpleasant experience for the customer.


Today’s technology changes how battery service is performed. Using patented conductance technology, Midtronics battery analyzers eliminate the guesswork of battery and electrical service. In only a few minutes, service techs can add value to simple jobs like oil changes and preventative maintenance by spotting weakening batteries, electrical system components, belts and hoses before the
customer gets stranded.


One in five cars on the road operates with a weak battery. Testing ten cars a day means two battery sales opportunities per day. If only half of the customers receive this service, twenty-five more batteries will be sold per month, offering a significant return on investment for a tool no service shop should be without.


Redline Detection

Redline Detection, LLC Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™ Diagnostic Leak Detector™ machines save time locating leaks and increase your profits. The thick smoke quickly pin-points the precise location of the leak, reducing diagnostic time from hours to minutes. The entire system is tested with one connection so multiple leaks are easily identified at the same time. The leak-down test capability allows technicians to quickly verify that the vehicle has been completely repaired, eliminating costly come-backs and increasing customer satisfaction. The Smoke Pro® makes money by saving time. No other tool you can buy will pay for itself faster.

Cost of Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™: $1095
EVAP Leak Repair (P044X): 2.2 hrs. $162 Flat rate at $74/hr.
Shop time with Smoke Pro®: 0.5 hrs. $14 $28/hr. including taxes and insurance
Parts: $10
Savings/Profit: 1.7 hrs. $138
EVAP Repairs/Month: 4 $552 Profits/Month
Typical Vacuum Leak Diagnosis: 1 hr. $74
Shop time with Smoke Pro®: 0.15 hrs. $4.20 $28/hr. including taxes and insurance
Savings/Profit: 0.85 hrs. $69.80
Vacuum Leak Repairs/Month: 8 $558.40 Profit per month
Total Savings/Profit per Month: $1,110.40
Time to Recover Investment: 1 month


Drill Doctor

Many techs have a collection of dull and broken bits that just won’t get the job done anymore, but they just can’t seem to throw them out. Now techs can sharpen them with the Drill Doctor - the drill bit sharpener.
The 500X Drill Doctor drill bit sharpener from Professional Tool Manufacturing is the ultimate drill bit sharpener for the serious tool user, with the sharpening power needed to restore dull and broken drill bits. Its compact design is built tough to last, and is backed by a three-year warranty.

The Drill Doctor sharpens a range of dull or broken drill bits, including standard-twist bits, high-speed steel, carbide, cobalt and TiN-coated. The Drill Doctor will also sharpen and create back-cut split-point bits, for faster penetration and less drill bit “wandering.” The Drill Doctor is fast and easy-to-use - you can sharpen bits with precision in less than 60 seconds.

Price of regular 29-pc. Cobalt Bit Set: $100
Cost of time run to store and replace existing bit when one breaks or gets dull: $50, plus cost of new bit(s)

Cost of Drill Doctor (MSRP for 500X): $159.95
Benefits: Sharpen your own bits on demand


RTI Nitrogen System

RTI NitroPRO Systems generate nitrogen on demand for quick service times and increased profits. NitroPRO's exclusive tire deflation and vacuum system fills tires faster than other nitrogen systems to save valuable operation time and boost shop profit while supplying higher nitrogen purity in the tires.


The portable design of the NTF-15 series NitroPRO System offers technicians equipment mobility throughout the service shop. Every NTF-15 series unit comes equipped with a hand-held purity tester to provide a quick-check of nitrogen purity in the NTF-15 storage tank and the vehicle’s tires. All NitroPRO Systems utilize fully matured nitrogen generation membranes. An auto-shutoff feature means less compressor use and greater energy savings. RTI’s NitroPRO Systems come complete with a five-year membrane warranty, nitrogen valve stem caps, point-of-purchase flyers, a service promotion banner and free onsite set-up with training. Simply connect NitroPRO to a shop air supply and generate profit.

NitroPRO Systems provide vehicle owners with:
• Fuel savings
• Longer tire life
• Increased safety
• Superior handling
• Decreased wheel corrosion
• 3-4 times longer proper tire inflation

Price for service: $35
Parts/supplies: $5
Labor costs: $7 (7 min.) @ $60/hr.
Profit per service: $23
Frequency: 100 jobs/month
Total profit/month: $2,300 Profit per service x frequency
Cost of unit: $8,500
ROI timeframe: 3.7 months to recoup initial investment
1st year profits: $19,090
Annual profits: $27,600


Launch X431


The X431 family of scan tools, with over 35 manufacturers standard coupled with never-before-available OEM scan tool features and functionalities, enables today’s technician to expertly diagnose and code all vehicles coming into their shop. Profitability increases by dealing with all diagnostic and coding services in-house, without ever having to send the vehicle to the dealership again.

On average, dealerships charge $300-1,000 for coding services, depending on the manufacturer. Taking this into account, the X431 pays for itself almost immediately. The X431 is sold as an all-inclusive package.

MSRP X431 Standard: $3,195
MSRP X431 Tool: $3,995

Additional costs include an annual software update: $799 (no charge for first year)


Coast LED Flashlight

The LED Lenser P7 Tactical flashlight from Coast should be standard equipment in every tool box. This light produces 167 lumens, while the beam can be adjusted with one hand from a focused spot beam to a broad flood beam. The P7 runs for 130 hours on one set of four AAA batteries. Compare this to a standard incandescent flashlight that will produce less than half the light output and will run for only five hours on three C batteries. This means that before you need to replace the batteries once on a LED Lenser P7, you would have replaced the three C batteries in an incandescent flashlight 26 times.

LED Lenser P7, No. HP8407
MSRP: $130.00