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The technology and features designed for the Ranger CRT380R Alignment System provide many timesaving features for your shop. Ease-of-use, accurate and consistent results, and informative feedback assist technicians in diagnosing problems that will all add up to customer satisfaction and improved shop efficiency.

The alignment functions and measurements on the CRT380R are controlled via the wheel sensors, mouse and/or keyboard. The unit has on-sensor controls allowing users to operate selective computer software functions from any wheel location, eliminating the need for return trips to the console. Because the CRT380R features cordless, 8-CCD technology, Bluetooth data transfer sensors, there is no hassle of removing or connecting cables.


Vibrant animation and graphics of all alignment steps are clearly shown from start-to-finish providing a faster, more profitable and easier-to-understand alignment procedure. Simplistic read results enable you to identify potential problem areas specifically related to suspension components.

Valuable customer information can be conveniently stored in the database allowing shop personnel to quickly reference previous alignment work orders and provide "before” and “after” measurements that can be printed in full-color to explain service and record work performed to customers.


Ranger’s ProSpec software, included with the system, provides the essential tools to perform fast, accurate alignments with factory results each time. This gives your wheel alignment service the best possible efficiency. You have the option of selecting the most effective measuring routines before starting wheel alignment procedures. Standard option for a program-guided routine with initial and final measurements - rapid procedure for measurements without caster steering angle and/or runout compensation ­— or free measurement for checking individual values as required.

With minimal investment and reduced training, the Ranger CRT38OR Alignment System expands your service potential and sends more profit to your bottom line.

MSRP: $11,990

Cost for service: $95
Parts/supplies per month: $0
Labor/service: $14 For machines with auto operation.
Profit per service: $81 Subtract parts and labor from price per service.
Frequency: 50 services/mo.
Total profit/month: $4,050 Profit per service x frequency.
Cost of unit: $11,990
ROI timeframe: $2.96 Cost of unit divided by profit/month.
1st year profits: $36,610 Profit/month x 12, minus unit cost.
Annual profits: $48,600 Profit/month x 12.


Power Probe 3

The Power Probe 3, No. PP319FTC, is an all-in-one test light. When the technician grabs his PP319FTC he has a continuity tester, jumper leads, continuity tester, flash light and now even a voltmeter. Having all these features in one test light saves the technician trips back and forth to his tool box. The all-in-one tester makes electrical diagnosing a snap. With the field replaceable rocker switch, the unit will remain in the technician’s hands, saving him hours of time and keeping him productive.

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