Read the blog, win tools!

Hey, thanks for your input on my blog at regarding some questions I had on tool storage and fluid exchange equipment. I appreciate the free flow of ideas and I know the manufacturers that are tuning in are considering what you have to say.

In one blog post, I was curious about the use of fluid exchange machines in the shop. I think Thomas Irving posted some interesting thoughts when he considered the next step for the equipment. Irving said the next advance should definitely include analysis of fluids for condition and contamination, and better interactivity on a system’s health.

In another post, I questioned your buying habits regarding tool storage. Steve Linsky said that he looks for quality and service, and is not as interested in graphics packages and how big a box is as he is in having his wife continue to talk to him.

Reading and posting at the blogs can be beneficial to you as well. There is the immediate community of reading and commenting along with other techs about tools and equipment. But there have been some lucky winners of tools for their comments. I’ve selected my favorite posts in some topics, and the writers have received a Genius Tools socket set and a Mayhew CatsPaw tool set. More of that will continue, so be sure to check the blogs regularly and sign up for the PTEN enewsletter so you’ll never miss the announcement of a tool-sponsored post!

So, again, thanks for your input and for reading PTEN in print and online.