Big-Time Boxes: Dave Jodat

Dave Jodat
Dodge City

Dave Jodat, a technician at Dodge City in Milwaukee has been competing to have the biggest toolbox with other techs in his shop.

He learned from the best. Last month’s featured Big-Time Box featured Mike Mirsberger, a tech at the same location. Mirsberger mentored Jodat when he first started turning wrenches at the dealership eight years ago.

Jodat owns a red Matco Tools Big Horn edition box with an overhead cabinet, two side storage units and a matching tool cart which holds most of his specialty tools.

Along with a laptop, Jodat also hooked up a Playstation 2 video game console, equipped with racing and hunting games.

If he’s not taking advantage of his gaming system, Jodat plays movies on his PS2 while he works on vehicles.

With so much storage for tools, Jodat decided to add even more extras to his setup, making it feel more like home.

“I’ve got a fridge. I’ve got a George Foreman grill that I pull out once in awhile,” said Jodat. “I don’t have a pizza oven though,” he said, referring to Mirsberger’s setup.

Jodat's favorite part of his toolbox isn’t even attached; it's the matching Matco Tools moveable cart.

“I work out of this thing all day long,” said Jodat. “I could wheel that thing around to any part of the shop.”

The moveable cart houses most of his specialty tools, which he uses often.

Jodat is one of 14 other techs that work at Dodge City. He has been a tech since 2000.

“I started here when I was 17,” said Jodat. “I’ve been off like a racehorse ever since.”