Big-Time Boxes: Doug Bethea


Doug Bethea
Bethea's Auto Care
Lilburn, Ga.

Doug Bethea, owner of Bethea's Auto Care in Lilburn, Ga., has slowly built up his toolbox setup to accommodate all of his tools.

"I've been building it for about six years," he said.

Bethea's Matco 6 Series toolbox stretches 15' across the shop, and stands 7' high.

"Everything fits," he said. "The top and bottom chest, four top lockers and four side lockers fit everything I've got."

Keeping a combination of Snap-on, Mac and Matco tools in his box, when it comes to choosing a tool as his favorite, Bethea couldn't pick just one.

"Any of them that'll make you money is a favorite tool," he said, laughing. "Make the job easier, you know."

Bethea recently returned from a month-long break, recovering from his bout with cancer.

"(Doctors) caught it early, jumped on it fast and took care of it," said Bethea.

He's been working in repair shops since 1975, and currently employs four other techs in his eight-bay shop. Bethea's Auto Care is a full-service repair shop that works on both foreign and domestic vehicles.

With a full-service shop comes a lot of tools, and Bethea didn't want to have his tools scattered throughout the shop.

"At the time, it was the biggest box that you could buy," said Bethea. "Now it's almost too big to steal if someone breaks in."