Choosing the right flashlight

Get a few tips here on your next flashlight purchase before you buy.


When the technician needs both hands and illumination to get the job done, a hands-free headlamp fits the bill. Professional-grade headlamps can be worn on the head, giving the technician hands-free operation. Some lights feature a handy laser pointer for precisely targeting the source of a problem for a co-worker. Some models of the traditional penlight have been redesigned to include a bendable, extendable cable that enables the technician to see in even the tightest spots. Other penlights feature ultraviolet light for use in leak detection for A/C systems.

Spending a bit of time to select the right mix of lights for the range of tasks technicians perform daily makes their job easier and helps the overall bottom line in time savings.

Eric Mills is the national director of sales, automotive division, for Streamlight Inc.

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