Stay on top, keep up with tools

As the holidays rapidly approach we close in on the end of a financially turbulent year. But as we look to 2009, it is a year in which many experts see the aftermarket, specifically auto repair, as a business that will not be as hurt by the economy at large. Some even forecast that auto repair will grow as a result of a down economy.

The reasoning goes something like: Money is tighter so people are holding onto their cars longer, therefore they will be looking to do more maintenance and repairs than trade-ins on new cars. This means more preventative maintenance and more repair work at your shop. Are you prepared for it?

Are you ready to show your regular customers, as well as any influx of new customers, that you’re ready and able to meet their increased demands in a reasonable amount of time? What does it take to do that? Make sure you are up-to-date on procedures and tools.

Whether it’s having the right lifts and extensions, updated diagnostic tools, the latest specialty tools or even just comfortable shoes and work gloves, everything you keep in your shop, toolbox and locker is key to helping you work faster and move easier from ticket to ticket. Reading each issue of PTEN will be key for you to keep up on all the new tools coming out.

It’s important to keep up. If the economy is going to start sending a little more business your way, don’t you want to be prepared for it? What better way than to exceed your customers’ expectations with quick turnaround and few come-backs.

Brendan Dooley,