Tool review: EngineCheckUp Engine Analysis inspection kit

EngineCheckUp's Engine Analysis inspection kit evaluates the condition of any four-stroke gasoline or diesel engine. The kit helps technicians interpret fuel test results within five minutes.
One drop of warm oil on the test medium easily identifies sediment, oil condition and the presence and degree of water, glycol and fuel.


Joe Marconi, owner of Osceola Garage in Baldwin Place, N.Y., tested the Engine Analysis inspection kit, and was pleased with the results.

"You can perform a simple analysis on the engine oil and other fluids to determine potential future problems," said Marconi.

He found the testing method simple, using a small amount of oil to test if any contaminants.

"The process is quick and easy, and can be used as a point of sale when dealing with the customer," said Marconi.

Although the kit didn't provide testing from a professional laboratory setting, Marconi advised the kit could catch potential problems early, before any serious damage or repair was necessary.

"While this kit may not take the place of an actual lab test, it can be used as a general inspection to determine potential serious issues with the engine oil and other critical fluids," said Marconi.

All around, Marconi liked the kit.

"Included with the kit is an easy-to-use comparison chart," he said, "making this tool a great addition to your tool arsenal."