The Quest to Be the Best

It's not just the technicians who have to prepare for a competition; imagine the pressure on the organizers!

But what else can it add to your company? From a recruiting and retention standpoint, a lot.

Instead of focusing on mistakes our technicians make, we are now rewarding them for the hard work they do. Technicians are increasing their abilities by tackling new tasks at the competition. Some companies choose to have internal competitions to add even more incentive. This can even help with training, because you can focus on certain areas.

From a recruiting standpoint, think about those who are not currently in the industry and how they can be involved with the competition. In Nebraska, we are planning to invite students from the local community colleges to help serve as volunteers during SuperTech. Additionally, we have invited the people from the local community as well as local media.

There are many reasons why SuperTech is great, and we're looking forward to having it in Nebraska. It's about time we give our technicians the recognition they deserve!

January 21, 2009--

I've never sold anything in my life. Except a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the fourth grade. However, I have morphed into a salesperson role since September, after I witnessed the SuperTech competition for the first time.
What am I selling? Not a brand new truck or service to keep the truck on the road. I'm selling SuperTech.

Every industry meeting I attend, I make it a point to wear my 2008 SuperTech pin. I make it a point to bring up SuperTech in conversations. I hand out flyers. I tell people to tell their friends, or other service managers. People seek me out at meetings and ask questions about SuperTech.

Just this last week, I was able to present about the Nebraska SuperTech competition to the Metropolitan Community College Diesel Advisory Council, as well as to the managers of my own company, Omaha Truck Center, Inc. The reception I received from both groups was fantastic. Everyone wanted to know how they could be a part of it. I think the consensus throughout the state of Nebraska is that this is an industry-leading competition that makes sense for Nebraska businesses to compete in.

So although some people think it's silly that I wear my SuperTech pin everywhere, I'm happy to do it. It's easy to be a salesperson when it's something you're truly passionate about.

January 28, 2009--

Since all of the SuperTech Steering Committee members work full-time in our day jobs, SuperTech is really a labor of love. With the holidays and a busy year-end, our SuperTech planning has been on the back burner. But now that registration is only four months away, it's time to get serious.

This past week, we held a very important STSC meeting to finalize some of the major details. We were able to select our sponsorship levels. We started pulling together equipment lists and have already had a few companies step up to help with equipment, judging and sponsorships.

I would be neglectful if I didn't mention the support we have received from the Arkansas Trucking Association. Major thanks go out to Sarah Sheets, director of operations for the ATA, along with Carl Tapp of P.A.M. Transport. These two have been instrumental in helping us out with score sheets and ideas for registration. Both went above and beyond to help us, and we Nebraskans appreciate it.

This next month is going to be a huge month for us promotion-wise. Not only will the blogs be featured in Fleet Maintenance magazine, but we will also be doing an article in the Nebraska Trucker magazine. We plan to use that publicity to start approaching our state trucking association's members to help with sponsors and judging.

So, like anything that goes slightly off course, you make adjustments and pick up the pace. That's what we did this week, and I am quite pleased with our successes!


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