Claim Your Tax Exemption for Reducing Idle Time

The EPA and IRS announce tax breaks for idle-reduction equipment

In a much-anticipated move, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has completed its coordination with the Departments of Energy and Transportation as well as the IRS to approved idle-reduction devices for exclusion from the 12 percent federal excise tax (FET) under Section 206 of the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 (EIEA) (PL 110-343).

What does that mean to you? The removal of the FET offers tax relief to buyers of approved idle-reduction devices, and can result in savings of $100 to $1,200 per unit, depending on the cost of the device.

EPA has published a complete list of idle-reduction devices that are eligible for the retail excise tax exemption (see below). The types of idle-reduction devices include fuel operated heaters, battery air conditioning systems, auxiliary power units/generator sets, thermal storage systems, and shore connection systems.


Thermal Storage Systems:

  • Autotherm Division Enthal Systems, Inc / T-2500 Energy Recovery System (ERS)
    Webasto / BlueCool Truck
    Shore Connection Systems
    Comfort / Duo-Therm heat pump
    Freightliner's Shorepower System
    Phillips and Temro Industries / Cab Power 8500633
    Shurepower, LLC / Shurepower
    Teleflex, Inc. / CCU Shore Power
    Volvo 5H-A1 / 120 V Shore Power Kit
    Volvo LN-A1 /Inverter Charger Kit
    Xantrex Technology / TRUCKPOWER Inverter/Charger & Cab

Auxiliary Power Units/Generator Sets:

  • Aux Generators Inc. / Idle Hawk
    Auxiliary Power Dynamics, LLC / Willis APU
    Black Rock Systems / Black Rock
    Carrier Transicold / ComfortPro APU
    Centramatic / Centramatic APU
    Comfort Master / Comfort Master
    Cummins / ComfortGuard
    Diamond Power Systems / Diamond Power Systems
    Double Eagle Industries / Gen-Pac
    Dunamis Power Systems APU
    E-Z On APU
    Flying J Inc / Cab Comfort System
    Frigette Truck Systems / APU
    Frigette Truck Systems / Gen Set 1
    Frigette Truck Systems / Gen Set 2
    Gates Corporation / Cab Runner
    Idle Solutions APU
    Idlebuster / Idlebuster
    Kohler / 3APU
    Kohler / 7APU
    Kool-Gen / KG-1000
    Mechron Power Systems / CCS Lightning Cab Comfort System
    Navistar / Fleetrite APU
    Navistar / MaxxPower APU w/HVAC
    Peterbuilt / Comfort Class
    Pony Pack, Inc. / Pony Pack
    Power Technology Southeast / PowerPac
    RigMaster Power Systems, Inc. (Div. of International Power Systems Inc.) / Rig Master Power
    Star Class / GEN-STAR 4500
    Star Class / GEN-STAR 6000
    Thermo King/ TriPac
    TRIDAKO Energy Systems / Power Cube
    Truck Gen / UCT 2-5.5
    Truck Gen / UCT I-3.5
    Truck Gen / UCT-APU
    Volvo / 971-003/4 -(optional 82A-B1X)

Fuel Operated Heaters:

  • Automotive Climate Control (ACC) / Fuel Fired Heater (air-to-air) FFHD 2
    Espar / D1LC
    Espar / D3LC
    Espar / Airtronic D2
    Espar / Airtronic D4
    Espar / Hydronic 5
    Espar / Hydronic 8-10-12
    Teleflex A2
    Teleflex A4
    Teleflex X45
    Volvo 41-11
    Webasto / Air Top 2000
    Webasto / Air Top 3500
    Webasto / Air Top 5000 ST
    Webasto / DBW 2010
    Webasto / DBW 2020/300
    Webasto / NGW 300
    Webasto / Scholastic Heater
    Webasto / TSL 17
    Webasto / Thermo 50
    Webasto / Thermo 90S
    Webasto / Thermo 230/300/350

Battery Air Conditioning/Heating Systems:

  • AuraGen / Inverter / Charger System
    Bergstrom, Inc. / NITE
    DC Power Systems APU/AC
    Dometic Corporation / Dometic
    Driver Comfort System / Driver Comfort System
    Freightliner Cascadia Park Smart System
    Glacier Bay / Climacab
    Idle Free Systems / Reefer Link System
    Kenworth Truck Company / Kenworth Clean Power
    Navistar/Bergstrom / 12V Aux No-Idle HVAC
    Paddock Solar / Paddock Solar
    Peterbuilt / Comfort Class System
    Safer Corporation / VIESA
    Sun Power Technologies / Sun Power
    Volvo / 971-001/2
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