Maintenance By Machine

Automated fluid flushes save time and money

A complete set of fittings come with the machines to adapt to different vehicle applications. A hose attachment fitting is installed in the fluid IN and OUT ports in the radiator. The correct hose is then attached to these slip-on connectors.

The vehicle's battery provides power for the machine, so no close-by electrical source is required. It connects just like a battery charger.

As an option, you can add a bottle of transmission cleaner and allow the machine to circulate the fluid through the system for about 15-minutes. This helps remove any stubborn dirt or sludge in the trans. It will be removed during the flush.

After the draining and filling is accomplished, the technician checks the transmission dipstick to make sure the correct fluid level was selected. It should be re-checked after the vehicle is driven.

Once the maintenance is completed, the machine will pump out the used fluid into your shop container for proper disposal. Depending on the vehicle, the whole process will take less than an hour, and during that time, the machine works with no supervision.

As a final precaution, a bottle of Heavy Duty Vehicle additive, which reduces friction and gear noise, while lowering operation temperatures of the transmission, is added. Remember, PROACTIVE saves money, REACTIVE wastes it.

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