Management Excellence

The Rocky Mountain Fleet Management Association sets a new standard for professional certification

"I'm aware of three individuals who are going to commit to this, with it coming out of their own pockets," he says. "We're not one hundred percent sure right now how we're going to do, because we're jumping in at one of the hardest times we've seen. I fully feel that it's going to be a huge piece of RMFMA in the future--a huge piece, because of what it offers our members.

"It allows a RMFMA backed certification program that is accredited and has an alliance with NAFA," Swearingen continues. "This is an industry-known program and it allows fleet supervisors and managers to go out and get an accreditation that will have meaning to them in the community and in the industry."


One can only hope that economic conditions will change soon, and more than three RMFMA members will enroll in the certification program.

Just the same, even three certification candidates counts as a success in Swearingen's eyes.

"We are a fan of certification," he insists. "It's hard to get municipalities to buy into it, to be perfectly frank, but there is a need in areas, and we're there in those areas."

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