Repair Orders Can Make a Difference

One of the most challenging skills stations at last year's National Technician Skills Competition was the Repair Order Station. TMC's VMRS Services Manager Jack Poster offers the following insights as to why proper repair order completion is so...


The repair order is also the first step in documenting warranty information. It is important to document the correct maintenance information on a repair order to insure the warranty procedure is completed properly. Warranty dollars are too important to lose due to an improperly filled-out repair order.

Insurance claims are another reason to be concerned about properly filling out repair orders. A repair order is an historic document on any piece of equipment, and it must be complete. There are times that a fleet must produce repair orders for legal and insurance claims. It is always a best practice to produce a concise repair document in any legal claim; it can make the difference between winning and losing a case.

So it all starts on the "shop floor"--the initial data entry, the initial diagnosis, the initial customer or driver greeting--it's the beginning of the very important process of collecting information. Fleets must be aware of the way employees are involved in the repair order process or the information collected will be questionable.

With the cost of a new piece of equipment it is vitally important to keep good repair records. Like a person's medical records, a fleet must document the correct data to keep the equipment healthy. Good repair orders can make a difference in the health of any fleet. So don't overlook the importance of a good repair order. It can keep the "iron doctor" away!

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