Benefits of web-based versus server-based GPS systems?

Q: Have a fleet of 60 pickups and trucks in three different markets.  Looking for a GPS system. Looking for feedback on various systems, including virtues of web-based versus server-based? Most of our vehicles are carrying crews of 3-6. Would like to be able to integrate our time-keeping, if this doesn't compromise choice of best system.  We do almost all of our travel in local metro areas (in TX). Too many choices, need help!  


A: When it comes to picking the right GPS system, one can waste many hours trying to research every product along with the associated costs. The application you are searching for will be dependent on yours needs for your fleet.  The biggest difference you will find in the systems is the software and ease of use, much like your latest cell phones.

In our opinion the best choice on the market are web-based while they use their own servers. Through my contacts in the transportation world I keep hearing great things about the GPS police. I would suggest going to their website and watching the video on their home page. This should provide you with answers as to what you are looking for.