What is everyone in the trucking industry using for tire tracking?

Q: What is everyone in the trucking industry using for tire tracking? We are currently using MPCs (Maintenance Procedure Cards), but are looking for something better and more user-friendly.


A: We understand that a fleet's manager approach to tire management can significantly impact the bottom line. Well-run programs can save a fleet thousands of dollars, but a tracking system alone is not the answer because as I am sure you are aware a fleet manager can get so caught up in tracking tires that “he can lose himself in it all.”

We believe that detecting underlying issues such as balancing, wheel alignments, heat, under-inflation, over-inflation and scrubbing is part of the total tracking package.  That being said, it can get very labor-intensive because you need to get the proper information to combat against all the issues.

Many of today's maintenance programs offer a tire tracking software of some sort which are becoming very user-friendly, but come at the cost of effectively monitoring your total pool. Investigating why your costs are what they are and getting your drivers to do the Pre and Post's are also vital. I would suggest speaking with you tire supplier and see what they offer or have on hand.  In our opinion this is a decision that must be made by the individual fleet manager and his needs, but I have heard good things about www.tire-track.com as it integrates easily to most fleet software.