2010 Emission Systems

Truck OEMS have taken two different approaches to controlling diesel emissions

And as you might expect, there will be an up-charge for the systems added into the price of a 2010 truck.

Biodiesel blends up to B20 are approved for MaxxForce engines today and this will continue in 2010. One of the drawbacks to certain biodiesel fuel stocks is the ability of the product to burn hotter, thereby increasing engine-out NOx, says McKenna of Mack. Engine manufacturers are working on that and the "fix" will be a software modification only.

Current commercially available engine lube oils that meet CJ-4 and CJ-4+ diesel engine specifications are recommended for use with both SCR and EGR emission technologies.

Donaldson's Schmidt points out there are a variety of retrofit options available for diesel engines to reduce toxic emissions. Some of the key considerations for retrofit technologies are to make sure the systems do not impair driving performance, determine maintenance requirements and compare the return on investment.


There was been industry talk that Navistar will use NOx credits to make its 2010 MaxxForce engines with Advanced EGR compliant with the 2010 emissions standards. "We do not have to use credits," explains Shick. "We have them available, so we are choosing to use them.

"Using credits is a glide path to 0.2 g/bhp-hr of NOx which actually started back with the passage of the Clean Air Act. This gives us the opportunity to use the credits and tweak the performance so that our customers get optimum performance out of our 2010 engines."

Shick expects Navistar will not be the only company that will be using credits next year. "The fact is there will likely be other companies using credits to achieve 2010 emissions compliance," he says. "Virtually every other competitor out there has used credits at some point reach compliance.

"Use of credits in the truck market is nothing new," he goes on. "Frankly it's only became an issue for some reason when we happened to mention something about it."

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