In Focus: Clore SOLAR and Christie battery products

With the adoption of new battery types by vehicle OEMs, it has become more important to have a charger that is versatile enough to work properly on a variety of battery chemistries. Clore offers a variety of products for battery charging, including the SOLAR 12-amp Pro-Logix Battery Charger, No. PL2212, SOLAR 16-amp Pro-Logix Battery Charger, No. PL2216, and the Christie Multi-Tech Service Bay Fast Charger, No. QMT, as well as battery testing, including the SOLAR Digital Battery and System Testers, Nos. BA7 and BA327.

Features and benefits

The SOLAR and Christie battery service products feature specific units optimized for use with AGM and gel-cell batteries.

The Christie model QMT has the ability to charge a variety of batteries including conventional, AGM and gel-cell batteries. The SOLAR Pro-Logix Battery Charger series charges the same battery chemistries as the QMT model, as well as deep-cycle and marine batteries.

The SOLAR BA series digital battery testers test multiple battery types, including conventional, AGM and gel-cell batteries.


AGM batteries are standard equipment on an increasing number of new vehicles. The first vehicles (Corvettes, Cadillacs, etc.) to ship with AGM batteries as original equipment are moving off warranty and out of the dealer service network, and are beginning to be serviced by independent repair facilities.


SOLAR Pro-Logix chargers feature fully enclosed, extruded aluminum cabinets with impact-resistant plastic end caps, designed to keep shop dust and debris out of the chargers.

The Christie QMT includes exclusive Voltage Spike Protection and Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection safety features. Christie-Tough Construction features a transformer built with all-copper magnet wire and high-grade silicon steel, 200-amp rated industrial-grade rectifier diodes and a galvanized cabinet with powdercoat finish for rugged dependability.

Selling points

Models help either test or charge a variety of battery types: conventional, maintenance-free, AGM, gel-cell and deep-cycle starting batteries.

Suggested retail price

Varies by model.

Contact information

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Clore Automotive