Good notes require orginization

Why take everything down if you can’t find it later when you need it?

To create a note, you just use a hot key on your keyboard. NotesPP also has a powerful search function so that you can find notes with just a keyword. The program includes a free 30-day trial, and will cost about $20, which is very reasonable for what it does.


Finally, every good note-taking system has to have a method that you use to delete notes that are no longer needed, or to store notes that you might need again in a way that you can find them. If you don’t do this, you will quickly find yourself so overrun by notes that are not relevant to your daily work that you will not want to look at your note file. That defeats the purpose of good note taking, low- or high-tech.

When you use a note, make a decision right then. Am I done with this note? If yes, delete it or throw it away immediately. If no, decide if you need to keep the note where you have quick access to it, or is it just something that has information you might need again someday? Making sure that you take care of the old notes will keep your system current, and make it a great tool for operating your business.

So, whether you’re taking notes by hand or keystroke, there are plenty of options to help keep you, and your truck work center, organized.

Woodman is an IT consultant and former mobile distributor based in Maine. Contact him at

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