Some bright ideas

Techs search for durability, longevity and brightness when looking for the right lights to buy.

“My … Makita 14.4V rechargeable fluorescent light is very bright, doesn’t give off any heat and (is) durable,” said Zier. “It’s great for turning the dark underside of a dash bright without having any tangled cords.”

Zier also uses his Central Tools Underhood Light with a perch on a daily basis.

“It mounts under a vehicle’s hood with a spring-loaded, hooked bar,” he said. “The fluorescent bulb stays cool and can be pivoted to shine in a certain direction. It’s the perfect light source for doing any type of engine work.”

When selling work lights, remember that most techs will look for LEDs and the brightness of the bulb, as well as durability and how much damage the light can withstand over time. They want to increase productivity and be able to see the job to get it done.

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