Getting your price is like pulling teeth

Selling capital equipment and big ticket auto tools doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Maintain margins by displaying confidence to techs

When you believe in your price, customers can sense it. They see it in your eyes. They hear it in your voice. I’m sure you’ve talked to a salesman who’s convinced he has a great product. He exudes confidence. He’s not afraid to talk about dollars and cents. His product enthusiasm is so contagious that you believe it’s worth every penny. In fact, you may even feel his higher price is too low. Almost.

On the other hand, you’ve probably dealt with a salesman that stammers or mumbles when you ask the price. Or he prefaces his price with something like “It’s kind of expensive …” Do you feel comfortable buying from him? Don’t you feel compelled to refute his price and try to negotiate a better deal? Or you might even walk away from the deal altogether. The same is true for your customer.

Next time you think getting your price is like pulling teeth, just remember, it kind of is.

Phil Sasso is president of Sasso Marketing Inc. (, a technical marketing agency specializing in tools and equipment. Subscribe to his free marketing tips at

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