Cornwell Tools rally shows rebound in progress

Distributors' positive outlook benefits shops and vendors.

“It was no secrets, just how he runs his business and what techniques he uses to collect his money and maximizing everything he does.”

Other training sessions included the always popular Dealer Forum, a sales techniques program with dynamic DM Mike Branan. Nobley said one other training session covered Cornwell’s new interactive website for dealers, “that gives them the ability to communicate much better internally and externally.”

Training and new tools aside, Nobley said the best take-away from each show is dealer communication. “The interaction between the dealers is what’s really meaningful from the standpoint that they just transfer so much information back and forth.

“It was one of the most positive shows we’ve had — especially in relationship to the way the economy has been,” he said.

Next year’s Cornwell Tools rally is scheduled for San Antonio, Texas.

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