In Focus: SP Tools Fan Clutch Wrench Set with rack

SP Tools developed the Fan Clutch Wrench Set with Rack, No. 62020, for Chrysler, Ford, GM, Land Rover and Mazda vehicles, especially for bolt-on pulleys. This two-piece set does 98 percent of the applications of the 10-piece or combination fan clutch wrench sets. Use for removal and installation of the viscous fan clutch; just reverse tool on bolt heads.


Simplified two-wrench design including the patented Pulley Holding Tool and a precision double-ended 36 mm/48 mm wrench.


There were three bench marks for SP Tools in the development of No. 62020: component reduction, organization and ease of use.

Component reduction: For years, SP Tools had a series of five fan clutch wrenches that covered most of the bolted-on water-pump pulleys. Other manufacturers on the market had 10-piece sets in a blow-molded box that covered the same applications. The end-user needed to know the make of the vehicle, model, engine size and year to identify the wrenches needed.

SP Tools thought that mobile dealers and technicians would prefer a set of fan clutch wrenches more universal in nature. After a year of development, SP Tools achieved a professional-level answer to the multi-wrench sets: Develop two wrenches to cover most tasks and, subsequently, reduce the price to the end-user.

SP’s engineering department studied the multitude of bolted-on water pumps available on the market and designed a single universal water-pump holding tool, No. 61600; when coupled with the 36 mm/48 mm fan-clutch wrench, No. 95210, the two pieces replace all the 10-piece sets on the market for substantial savings and a reduced number of tools needed to remove/replace fan clutches in many vehicle makes and models.

Organization: The company thought a display for the tools would be beneficial not only as a space-saving display rack for the mobile tool dealer’s truck, where the rack can be placed on a shelf or attached to a wall, but the tech can use the display rack as a storage rack to keep the wrenches close at hand.

Ease of use: The display includes a quick reference guide enabling the mobile dealer or technician to quickly identify which wrenches are needed to do a particular job. With the guide, knowing what make, size, year or configuration of engine needing service is eliminated. The quick reference guide is simple to use; looking up the required wrench saves time and the mobile dealer can provide the correct wrenches to the technician with little effort.

Additional applications: In addition to the two-piece universal fan clutch wrench set that covers 98 percent of vehicles, SP Tools has added water pump pulley-holding tools that help in servicing fan clutch wrench applications that utilize the newer pressed-on water pump pulleys.


Designed and engineered in the USA, utilizing domestic and foreign components.


• Only two wrenches needed for 98 percent of domestic applications with bolted-on water pump fan clutches vs. the 10-piece sets available.
• Convenient display/storage rack saves space and keeps fan clutch wrenches close at hand, with space for additional fan clutch wrenches for additional applications.
• Includes a quick reference guide to rapidly identify what wrenches are needed for a particular job.

Special attributes

The No. 62020 Fan Clutch Wrench Set is great for mobile dealer point-of-purchase displays, and convenient storage for various fan-clutch wrenches in a technician’s toolbox.


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