Balancing equipment, accessories

Even shops that don’t specialize in tire service can take advantage of balancers

“Any balancer on the market today comes with the basic accessories you need to do most OE passenger car work. When you get into custom wheels or light truck wheels, there are some additional accessories that would either be necessary, or very beneficial,” said Keefe.

“For custom wheels, we highly recommend some type of pin plates, also known as flange plates, which are used to center the wheel using the lug holes rather than the center hole. … (For) light truck wheels, you basically need larger cones and a backing plate, for those larger assemblies.”

Keefe also explained the different types of adapters available for balancers.

“There are a number of other specialty adapters. There are short cones and in-between cones, for certain wheel designs, and certain hub-bore designs that don’t lend themselves to very accurate or repeatable balancing using standard passenger car cones. There are also offset adapters and specialty chucks for doing some of your larger light-truck assemblies that improve accuracy and repeatability, and reduce comebacks related to improper mounting.”

For wheel balancers, you don’t need to focus on just the capital equipment sale. Inspect each shop for old and worn equipment and look to offer upgrades and accessories to expand their tire business.

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