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Selling tools in wisconsin to farms factories and repair technicians

“The power tools, most people are looking for a better way, a better power tool to do something easier for them,” Andy said. “You crawl underneath the dashboard with a screwdriver versus a power screwdriver, there’s a day-and-night difference with how long you’re under that dashboard.

“[Power tools] are always hot, as long as you can come up with another good way for them to use it,” he said “Whether more compact, more powerful — there will always be something that you can market.

“What I take in and what I promote mixes, depending on who has expressed a need, or told me about a new thing that they’ve done with something,” Andy said.

He recently was promoting a pneumatic needle scaler to shops for brake jobs. Usually thought of for removing old paint or cleaning rough welds, one customer told him about using a scaler to clean rust off from the inside of rotors, saving time on brake jobs. Thus, a week’s promotion was born from a customer’s comments.

“The deals are great when they’re happening,” Andy said. “When you do a $2,500 day in tools, you see shelves start to get bare in one day, because you’ve got so many sets going off at once,” he said. “It’s awesome, it’s a great feeling. And you know they’re good sales. You spread them out over 12 people, so you know you’ve got 12 people who are going to be paying you for the next five or six weeks.

“That starts to make you appreciate when you’re walking out at 7 o’clock in the morning, and you’re not walking back in your house until 7 o’clock at night. And you still have an hour’s worth of bookwork to do and get your order in.”


Andy said the job is not for those looking for a 40-hour work week, but that’s not necessarily bad.

He keeps his customers in mind when he’s away from the truck as well.

He works with family on some old car projects, including a ’31 Chevy hot rod and a ’66 Impala SS convertible waiting in the wings. He keeps up with customers that have similar interests, and has come back from shows and swap meets with parts for his customers’ projects.

“It is a great job — I love building the relationships and helping the people find a solution to what they’re looking for … and I like tools to begin with,” Andy said.

“If you can’t stay positive about things, don’t get into this business,” he said. “I’m a pretty positive guy, and that’s one thing that I think helps me keep rapport with people, keep talking to people, because I can still stay positive, when they may be having a bad day.”

Andy stays on top of everything through his positive attitude and the help of family. One brother helps check in orders, his mother helps with inventory and some special shipping items, another brother who is a shop owner helps with truck maintenance, his girlfriend helps with warranty items. …

“Having those brothers and family members to help me out to do those kind of things, that means a lot.”

Stay tuned to for a video walk-around on Andy's trailer.

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