Get more attention without saying a thing

Get more attention without saying a thing in sales

A simple look can say much more than a lot of words.


Approachability is not as much about talking as it is about listening. To be easy to talk to, you need to let your customer talk. Listen carefully. Avoid cutting off your customer. Pretend your customer is the only person in the room and focus on him.

Although we think of successful salespeople as talkative, it’s a myth. The top salespeople are better listeners. They ask good questions and engage their customers. They listen carefully and make mental notes. The rest of salespeople talk a lot.

Approachability is about connecting. Few words are required.

Probably the most approachable person at the Father’s Day car show was the woman at the voting booth. Her approachability encouraged me to wait a few moments to cast my vote for my favorite car and not walk away in frustration. The booth was very busy when I arrived, but she made a point to stop what she was doing to welcome me.

“Hi. I’ll be right with you,” she said. She thanked another juror for voting, then turned, handed me a ballot and looked me in the eye. “How’d you like the show today?”

“It was excellent,” I replied, “even if it is at a mall.”

She laughed.

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