What do you want now?

We’re looking at making a few tweaks and updates here at the magazine based on some recent feedback we got from you. Let me know if we’re on the right track towards what you are looking for.

You told us that you’re No. 1 key issue, the one that keeps you up at night, is having the right invnetory on the truck for maximum sales. Your No. 2 was becoming a more effective salesperson, and a distant No. 3 was understanding/keeping up with the evolution of more complex repair tools and equipment.

Along with that, you said the best features in this magazine for you were those focusing on general selling tips and encouragement, followed by selling tips on specific types of tools and equipment and then features on successful mobile tool dealers.

A picture started to form pretty clearly upon getting this info all in one spot. It looked like we are generally on target with our issues, but that we need to up the tool-specific quotients of the magazine for you.

So as we strive to meet your needs, watch for an expansion of the “In focus” pieces with tool-specific sales data. We will continue to provide cover stories on top-selling mobiles each issue which span the range of sales tips and inventory advice. And we will always look for any additional sales tips and columns to bring you.

What else would you like to see? Contact me with your thoughts.

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