2009 PTEN Innovation Award Winners

Congratulations are in order for the following Professional Tool & Equipment News 2009 Innovation Awards winners.

Our panel of active and independent techs/mechanics and distributors again scrutinized the nominees (no one from the PTEN/PD staff served in a judging capacity or influenced the results). These tools and equipment were selected as the top products in the tight race of nominees listed earlier this year in issues of PTEN.

While all nominees received high marks for innovation from the panel, these winners are stand-outs. These pages are filled with special tools and equipment that you’ll want to make note of when you’re selling your customers on ways they can increase productivity, profitability and efficiency in the shop.

The staff at Professional Distributor congratulates the winning companies on their innovative products, and all the companies that innovate with new tools and equipment to help auto repair professionals excel at their job.

Of special note is the Snap-on Tools’ Dodge Wheel Hub Remover Adaptor. The Adaptor not only won the Specialty Tools category, it was the highest rated tool of all the winners, scoring extremely high with all the judges.

This year, we also had four highly contested categories that necessitated runners-up.

Congratulations to the winners and to all that submitted products for the Innovation Awards.