Durston Manufacturing/Vim Tools Magrail TL Magnetic Tool Organization System

Magrail TL is an all-new Socket rack that can be used to organize your sockets as well as wrenches, pliers, and any other ferrous metal items.


• Super-strong neodymium magnets in a beautiful anodized aluminum base.
• The Magrail is magnetized on the top surface to hold your tools, and on the bottom to hold your Magrail loaded with tools securely to any steel surface.
• The magnets are strong enough to hold a Magrail fully loaded with ½” sockets in any position, even overhead.
• The low profile base of the Magrail TL is only 3/16” tall and 1” wide. This allows deep sockets enough clearance to stand up in most toolbox drawers.
• Available in blue and red; can be used to color code metric vs. standard sizes.
• Magrails are available in three standard lengths: 8”, 12” and 16”.
• The ¼”, 3/8” and ½” socket posts on the Magrail are round — sockets can be dropped on without locating the square drive.
• The socket posts are threaded onto aluminum T-studs that ride in a T-groove down the center of the Magrail, and can be loosened and moved to suit the user’s preference for sockets closer together or spaced apart.
• Socket post sizes can be mixed to have ¼”, 3/8” and ½” posts on the same Magrail.
• The tool is engineered with two rows of magnets, alternating North/South poles facing up so that sockets will not get magnetized.


The new Magrail TL came from inventor Ron Giebel, a retired aircraft mechanic who always tried to keep his tools organized in the smallest possible space.


• Made with an extruded aerospace aluminum base
• Two dovetail slots that hold dovetail-shaped Neodymium magnets
• Posts are manufactured from recycled PVC plastic in ¼”, 3/8” and ½” sizes.


The Magrail tools will have to be demonstrated, so that users can feel the power of the magnets, and the ease of use. We recommend that distributors remove a Magrail from the package and stick it to the side or lid of a toolbox loaded with sockets, especially a set with different drive sizes like the VIM VDE418. This way a customer can feel the strength of the magnets, test the strength and see a rail setup with different drive sizes.


MR8B14A 8” Blue Magrail TL with 14 ¼” posts: $16.30
MR12B15B 12” Blue Magrail TL with 15 3/8” posts: $23.72
MR16B16C 16” Blue Magrail TL with 16 ½” posts: $31.56


Durston Manufacturing Co./VIM Tools