Training to be a leaner, meaner distributor

In some ways, running a mobile distribution business is much like running a marathon. (In many ways, it's harder.)


Beyond just charging up with time off, runners need to keep water and electrolytes in their system during the race. In the same way, you need to keep energized by staying up on the latest distribution and tool and equipment trends. There are several ways to do this.

• Get the industry trade journals. Reading up on the best practices of other dealers and keeping up on new tool trends is important. (Check out and to get print or digital subscriptions to our industry-leading magazines). Readers are leaders.

• Attend Industry Week. If you’ve been to Las Vegas the first week of November, you know the buzz. There’s lots of inspiration and education at the AAPEX, SEMA and NACE trade shows. If you haven’t been there, you’re missing out. Walking the floor of these shows can be a marathon in itself, but one well worth your time. (If you go to AAPEX, stop by the PD/PTEN booth.)

• Talk to other dealers. Don’t be an island. Stay connected to dealers who fly the same flag — and even some that don’t. You can trade tips, war stories and sometimes even inventory.

In 2006, I watched in horror as the first place Chicago Marathon runner tripped and fell at the finish line. On official review, his torso crossed the finish line and he was declared the winner. More than 45,000 runners will line up in Chicago this year. One will get the top prize. But everyone will be a winner. What about you?

Phil Sasso is president of Sasso Marketing Inc. (, a technical marketing agency specializing in tools and equipment. Subscribe to his free marketing tips at

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