In Focus: JS Products 5-piece Import Terminal Tool Kit

The JS Products (Steelman) 5-piece Import Terminal Tool Kit, No. 95944, includes five popular tools for the disassembly of terminal blocks and harness connectors for Japanese imports and some domestic vehicles. This kit works on Acura, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti and Mitsubishi vehicles, and includes single-face blade tools, dual-face blade tool, ladder blade tool and knife blade tool.


Easily removes terminals from electrical connectors on Japanese vehicles without damage to wiring harness or electrical connectors. Specialized OEM fittings can be dismantled using this kit. As more new vehicles become available, more terminal release kits become available. This kit allows any technician to disconnect terminal fittings without damaging the wires and connectors.


This product is made in Taiwan and has handles constructed of chrome-anodized machined aluminum. Kit includes single-face blade tool, 1mm x 1mm tip, dual-face blade tool, 1.5mm x 1mm tip, single-face blade tool, 1.8mm x 1mm tip, ladder blade tool, 1.5mm x 0.3mm tip, and knife blade tool, 2mm x 0.8mm tip.


• Callouts hard-stamped on end of handles and inside case for easy identification.
• Knurled finished handles for good grip
• Stainless steel blades.
• Packaged in blow-molded storage case.
• Fits most Asian and some domestic vehicles.
• Application chart included in lid of case.