Retool your marketing with technology

Make sales and customer service easier

Don’t have the time or talent to do this stuff? Consider hiring a high school or college student for a couple hours a week. Technology is second nature to them. They’ll appreciate the pizza money. You’ll appreciate the increase in sales.

You don’t need to use every tool on here. In fact, I suggest you don’t. Some may not fit your style. Others may not fit your customers. Whatever you do, just be consistent. Start by implementing one or two ideas. See what impacts your bottom line. After two or three months, keep what works, dump what doesn’t. Then consider something else to try.

Over time, using marketing and customer service technology can help you edge out the competition, earn more customers and close more sales.

How are you using marketing technology? Anything I missed? Email and let me know. Many services listed here offer free trials. Find links to all the services in this article and more at:

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