Give your sales a lift

Know yourself and your competition

You’ve evaluated the vehicles coming in. You’ve evaluated the physical environment the lift would be installed in. What more do you need to do?

“A distributor must know the equipment he’s selling inside and out, backwards and forwards … to be able to answer a shop owner’s objections when he wants to discuss brands x, y and z,” Perlstein said.

This applies to any piece of equipment you sell, not just lifts.

Perlstein said it is imperative to know your competition’s equipment as well as you know what you’re selling.

“Get your hands on it. Kick the tires and learn about the stuff you’re selling,” Perlstein said.

You also can rely on the company’s experts for truly unique questions. Don’t be afraid of making a quick phone call to settle a customer’s inquiry when you don’t have an answer right at hand.

Current trends are an increasing number of specialty lifts for specific jobs and maintenance.

“The distributor should have a thorough understanding of the shop owner’s current business and plans for the future, including the types of vehicles serviced and services performed,” Fischmer said.

“Alignment lifts … have many new productivity features that can really save time and add quality to the process,” Liebetreu added.

“Lifts are increasingly specialized, particularly in the alignment category. It pays to really understand your product in these categories.”

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