Finding the Missing Link in Sales

Red-blooded competition is one thing, but there’s no beating business relationships that evolve from a human connection


Last but not least, leverage relationships to connect with your customers’ connections. This is the path to a referral-based business, the ultimate goal in selling. It won’t happen all by itself, mind you. It takes a solid history of connecting with clients. Not only are referred customers easier to close, the mutual friends and contacts you share make them the most enjoyable to work with.

Many years back, I lost a big sale because I didn’t have a good connection with my prospective customer. I learned the hard way the truth of this piece of selling wisdom: “When two people want to do business together, the details won’t hold them apart. When two people don’t want to do business together, the details won’t hold the deal together.” Learn from my mistake. Look for connections, develop them, expand and leverage them. Most of all, as you close more sales, enjoy them. Happy selling!

Michelle Nichols is a professional sales speaker and consultant. Please visit Michelle’s web site at for additional sales articles and resources on selling.

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