Big-Time Boxes: Jeff Milburn


Jeff Milburn
Automotive Fabrication
Dallas, Texas

Jeff Milburn needs more tools than your average tech. As a vehicle specialist for the film industry, he has to be ready to work on any number of cars and trucks on set for commercials and movies. Along with being the owner of Automotive Fabrication in Dallas, Texas, Milburn operates as the crew chief for the No. 76 NASCAR team.

He started his career as a dealership mechanic in 1983, while racing motorcycles on the side. This passion grew into a career of its own as he began building and changing bikes with friends, expanding to other vehicles. He now owns and runs Automotive Fabrication.

The business specializes in finding, building, fixing and driving vehicles for movies, TV shows and commercial sets. Milburn and his four-man crew usually work on location if cars need maintenance or changes on the set, including shows such as "Prison Break" or any number of car commercials, like Kia or Subaru.

The crew needs to be prepared for anything, said Milburn.
"We might be on set, and some director might say 'I want to put the camera here, we need to cut the top off this car right now.' "


Milburn bought his Snap-on Tools No. KRL1065A toolbox about a year ago, and built it to include two top boxes and two side boxes. The entire unit stands 6' tall and spans 16' across.

He customized the drawers to make them smaller. This helps Milburn stay organized with the wide variety of tools he uses on a daily basis.

Along with Milburn's stationary box, he also keeps a Snap-on Tools mobile cart when he's on location for different jobs.

He likes his box for a number of reasons.

"I have my metric tools on one side, and my standard tools on the other, because we have to work on everything," said Jeff. "We've worked on cars from 1909 to cars that aren't even made yet, so I have to have tools that are made for everything."

Milburn also likes his box because he stores only tools.

"There are no parts or bins, it's just all tools. I like that."