Celebrating two decades of tool news

Welcome to the start of a year-long celebration as 2009 marks the Professional Tool & Equipment News 20th Anniversary. That’s the Platinum Anniversary, and we’re kicking off the year with some new sections for you, our ever-important readers.

You’re already used to coming to PTEN each issue for the latest tool information, some of you have been for 20 years now. You know that more than anywhere else, you can always trust PTEN to bring you what you need to know about tools. It is our specialty.

In this issue, you’ll find new sections on Top 10 Tools, written by our readers. See what your fellow techs have to say about what gets them through their day. There’s also a Tips from the Pros feature, with advice on what features to look for in certain tools when you’re talking with your tool dealer. This issue focuses on cordless power tools. One debut feature this issue is the Product Reports section, where we lay out different manufacturers information side-by-side for you to make evaluations. This issue covers entry-level tool storage (boxes and carts in the $800-$1,500 range).

Continuing our drive to always bring you the most innovative new tools, this issue features the beginning nominees for the 2009 PTEN Innovation Awards. These awards are voted on by a panel of active technicians in the field, and this year we’ve received so many nominees we couldn’t fit them all in one issue. Be sure to keep this issue along with March to be able to refer to all the innovative tools nominated! Winners will be announced later this year.

It’s going to be a Platinum year for us at PTEN, and it’s starting off with a bang right here. Hang on for a great ride.