Big-Time Boxes: Edwin Hazzard


Edwin Hazzard
Automotive Tech Systems
Newburgh, N.Y.


Edwin Hazard, owner of Automotive Tech Systems in Newburgh, N.Y., doesn’t have your average tool storage setup. He runs his entire business, carrying along all his tools, out of a truck. He stores most of his tools in his customized Matco Tools toolbox.

“Basically, what I did is I took the wheels off and I bolted it to the floor of the truck. It sits a little bit lower,” said Ed.

Along with Ed’s Matco box, he also has a Matco tool cart to move tools out of his truck when he stops at different shops.

“My favorite part of my tool storage would be my easy access to each of the drawers,” said Ed. “Everything’s laid out where I know exactly where everything is, and it’s separated.”

That helps, especially with the amount of scan tools Ed keeps on his truck.

“I have about 11 scan tools. I’ve got two lab scopes, multimeters, a lot of individual test meters,” he said. “I keep two information systems on a laptop in my truck — Mitchell and AllData.”


As a one-man shop, Ed stops at a number of different body and repair shops, specializing in fleet work and diagnostic jobs.

“I would say 50 percent of my job is fleet maintenance, repair on trucks and vehicles. The other 50 percent is diagnostic work that I go to different shops and perform repairs for them,” said Ed.

He’s been a tech for 25 years, starting at a Chevrolet dealership. Ed opened his mobile business back in 1994.

“I basically started doing work for other shops after my day job,” said Ed. “I would just gather my stuff in a tool tote and I would just leave my day job and drive over to their shops and do some work for them at night.”