Big-Time Boxes: Bill Gahagan and Larry Powell

Bill Gahagan and Larry Powell
Larry's A1 Auto Service and Repair
West Berlin, N.J.

When Bill Gahagan, a technician at Larry's A1 Auto Service in West Berlin N.J., decided to upgrade his Snap-on tool storage, he didn't add to his box piece by piece. Instead, he bought everything at once.

"I have the 1024 roller cabinet bottom … and, I wanted to expand and needed more room," said Bill. "So I ordered this box with the side towers, the top lockers and the side cabinet basically all at one time."

Bill's tool setup stands 7' tall, and spans 11' across. He has 38 drawers to store and organize all of his tools.

To personalize his toolbox, Bill added his own CD player stereo. He also keeps a laptop set up to look through parts catalogs throughout the day.

Owner Larry Powell also has a Snap-on setup alongside Bill's box, almost doubling their tool storage space.

Larry and Bill, along with another tech, make up the staff of Larry's A1. The shop focuses on all general repairs, including custom exhaust.

Larry has turned wrenches since he was 17 years old and opened his shop almost 22 years ago.

Although Larry doesn't have quite as much space as Bill, he still stays serious about what he keeps in his box.

"There's no junk in there," Larry said. "It's all tools."

When asked about their favorite tool, both Bill and Larry like using their new Snap-on BK5500 Visual Inspection Video Camera.

"You can actually take a digital picture and put it on the screen," said Larry. "A picture's worth a thousand words."